I love to travel. I especially enjoy discovering people and cultures that are completely different than mine. One of my dreams came true when I lived on and off in Cameroon, Africa, for about 2 years. I got to develop great friendships and was exposed to the culture while training interns and teaching graphic design […]


I have eclectic tastes. I love clean and modern design, but I’m also attracted to vintage places and objects, old decrepit buildings, raw textures… I love classic, I love quirky. I love kids with cute clothes. I love kids who create their own unique fashion with unmatched top and bottom. I like things and people […]


There’s something I love about water. Wading, swimming and playing in the warm waves by a nice sandy beach… Although Alberta is far from any sea or ocean, I’m happy we have found a few favorite spots to play close to home. If you’re anything like me, let me know in advance and I’ll come […]


I love to do crafts with my kids. When they were younger, I often ended up doing most of the craft by myself because I misjudged the complexity of the task. Thankfully, things have improved with experience! Sign up to my newsletter for occasional craft ideas to try with your own little ones.


My house is a mess more often than not. I live with busy kids. Plus, I’d rather spend my time doing what I love than spending it cleaning! I was quite happy when someone pointed me to a study about creative people being messy. So don’t worry about the mess in your own home when […]


Don’t get me wrong—I stay away from the kind that makes you smile for the camera! Many years ago, my husband lovingly diagnosed me with cheese disease, an inconsequential food addiction I might have transmitted to our son! So if you hire me for a day in the life session and decide to feed me […]

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