Each photo session is personalized and planned around your goals and the unique story you want photographed. Typical sessions last 2 hours for a short story, 4 hours for a half day in the life and 8 hours for a full day in the life. Contact me to schedule a consultation to figure out what session length and type works best for you.

Consultation before a photo session

Before the session

Your story is unique to you and your family, and it can be quite personal. It’s important for me to take the time to meet you before your session to help you feel comfortable with me the day of your session. This way, it will be easier for you to be your true selves and the story I’ll photograph will be as authentic as it should be. During the consultation, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll talk about your goals for the session, your family, everyone’s personality and what’s important for you at this stage of your life. We’ll make a plan for the session, set expectations, go over the details, and I’ll show you the beautiful artwork options that will make your story come to life.

Mother biting the cookie offered by her son

During the session

Your session should be as relaxed and enjoyable as any other day spent with your family. So during your session, your life will go on as if no one was there with a camera. You will focus on what you do best and love doing the most with your family—be a mom (or dad), care for your family, have fun, play, go on an adventure, etc. Most importantly—be yourself! You won‘t need to worry about the mess in your house, the weather, the clothes you’re wearing or your kids’ behavior. We want your story to be as authentic as possible. We want it to be filled with all sorts of emotions and moments of interaction. We want to make sure everyone’s unique personality shines! While you’ll do your thing, I will follow you around, anticipate the moments, look for good light, pay attention to the details, talk and interact with you to make everyone feel comfortable.

Photo art book

After the session

A few weeks following your session, I’ll come to your house for your viewing and ordering appointment. You will get to see your story through a gallery of the best images from our time together. You’ll select your favourite photographs and I’ll help you decide which ones will work best in a beautiful photo book, as framed wall art, as a series of images to create a gallery wall or in a story box. Your order will then be carefully prepared and delivered to you.

This documentary style photo shoot was very relaxed, easy, and my kids didn’t feel any pressure to act a certain way—they were just able to be themselves!


Half day in the life client

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