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Toddler boy looking at family photo book with his mother

Our photo book used to be our son’s favourite bedtime story. Now, he brings it to us when he wants to go back to the mountains or connect with his happy memories.

Sitting down with Marie-Pierre during the ordering appointment was a very connecting experience. I loved the unveiling of the photos in the slideshow and the beautiful touches (i.e. the wrapping, the music). Seeing the images made me feel like I could go back and transport in time. I saw how I felt, what we talked about and the connection and emotion we had in the moment. Even a few years after our session, the photos are a treasure to capture our family at that point in time. We still look at them regularly and our son loves them. All of our favourite places are pictured in our photo book and it was his favourite bedtime story for a while. Now, he brings it to us when he wants to go back to the mountains—a special place for our family—or connect with his happy memories. He has a big smile on his face and it has helped us also work on his language skills.


Half day in the life client

Todler girl pulling on her sister's bike helmet strap

A photo session with Marie-Pierre is magical, intimate, and as funny as can be.

After each photo session with Marie-Pierre, I always look forward to seeing the final result, discovering what she has seen through her lens, contemplating the beauty of our reality. I’m always amazed by her photos. They are illuminated by her sensitivity, her attention to detail, her curiosity and her passion for her art. I recommend Marie-Pierre in a heartbeat! A photo session with her is magical, intimate, and as funny as can be. Thank you Marie-Pierre for making us see the world through your eyes… It is so beautiful!


Repeat client

Family during a hospital newborn photo session

I saw the photos and I cried. They are such beautiful moments in our life that I feel so lucky to have.

I am absolutely in love with this image. This was a few hours after we welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world and my daughters were meeting their brother for the first time. It’s so real, there is so much going on but it’s happy and relaxed at the same time. The crazy thing is I almost didn’t get these images! When Marie-Pierre approached me about doing a Fresh 48 photo session I was hesitant. What if I didn’t look my best immediately after having a baby? Even after the session I was skeptical. But then I saw the photos and I cried. They are such beautiful moments in our life that I feel so lucky to have. The joy on my girls faces holding their brother, the interaction between us, the love and happiness in the room… these are all palpable in these photos.


Newborn photography client

Kids climbing on walls and counters

This documentary style photo shoot was very relaxed, easy, and my kids didn’t feel any pressure to act a certain way—they were just able to be themselves!

I’m so glad I did a session with Marie-Pierre. I had only done family photos in the past where we all dressed up, posed, and smiled for the camera. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and they captured my family in such a candid and real way. I’ll treasure them forever. I highly recommend Marie-Pierre’s service and talent to anyone wondering about booking.


Half day in the life client

Pregnant woman getting her horse ready

Marie was very fun to have around for the day of shooting. She fit in and allowed us to be ourselves.

Even my husband who does not normally like to be in front of the camera was at ease, and the children were relaxed and did not pose in a cheesy way. It is fun to have relaxed photos of our family to remember what our days were like at that stage of life.


Day in the life Client

Father kissing toddler girl's hand

Marie-Pierre was very friendly and easy to be around.

She made me feel comfortable almost as if she wasn’t there. She captured real moments and never asked us to pose or redo anything. She was always ready to capture the best moments of our family interactions making it feel more real and providing images that felt natural.


Half day in the life client

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