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Imagine yourself marveling at your own story nestled within the pages of a beautifully handcrafted art book. It’s as if you could hear the laughter once more, feel the warmth of your newborn’s little body fast asleep on your chest, sense the softness of your child’s delicate hair caressing your face, see the wonder and excitement in their eyes all over again…

Picture yourself walking by a gallery wall created with meaningful images of what you love the most in the world. Every time, you smile and stop to appreciate how beautiful your life is.

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Think about the effect all of this has on your children. Feelings of pride and joy exude from them as they gaze at images of themselves displayed on the walls and printed in their own storybook. A sense of belonging and attachment fills their soul. They see you value your experiences together. They know they are loved and appreciated just as they are. When they are older, they can thank you for everything you‘ve done and for always being there for them.

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You’re busy. Even though you’re full of good intentions, life certainly knows how to get in the way. What you wanted to do last week might still be on your to do list next month. To make things easier for you, I offer full photography services, from the planning of your session to the delivery of your printed artwork. Your story shouldn’t end up out of sight, hidden in a drawer or lost in the sea of social media images. You and your family should be able to enjoy your photographs daily and take in all of the benefits today and tomorrow.

I offer beautiful photo books, framed artwork, wall galleries, story boxes and digital files. Schedule a consultation to see all of the options in person.

Our photo book used to be our son’s favourite bedtime story. Now, he brings it to us when he wants to go back to the mountains or connect with his happy memories.


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