Newborn photo session Edmonton
Mother bottle feeding newborn boy. Older sister strokes the baby's hair.
Mother, two daughters and grandmother looking at newborn boy
Newborn crying at bath time
Young girl doing skin-to-skin with her newborn brother
Newborn photo session Edmonton
Family giving a bath to newborn son

That little bundle of joy you’ve been dreaming and longing to meet for so long finally arrives. You’re feeling the strongest emotions, from total bliss to complete exhaustion. It could be love at first sight or it might take a while to get used to having a new person in your life. Someone you will learn to love, bond with and care for. It’s the beginning of numerous sleepless nights, joy, amazement, worries, pride…



Documenting the first few hours of interaction with your newborn, the details of her fragile little body, the magic of skin-to-skin contact, his first encounter with the rest of the family or the new routine at home gives you the chance to relive priceless moments, to show your kids their own story and to remember details that will mean so much to you 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Choose between a newborn session at the hospital or birth centre to document the moments after birth (Fresh 48 Session), or a newborn session in the comfort of your home once you’ve settled in.

I saw the photos and I cried. They are such beautiful moments in our life that I feel so lucky to have.


Newborn photography client

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