My photojournalistic approach tells the story of who you are and what your life is like today. It shows the connection between the members of your family, the details that define everyone‘s personality and the wide range of emotions that are a part of your everyday. It takes you back in time to relive the moments that shape your life. It revives the feelings that could otherwise be forgotten. It reminds you of what you love in each person and of how precious your life is.

It’s a love letter to your children.
Your family’s legacy.
A way to preserve your history.


Documentary family photography in Edmonton | The chaos of a family's real life

If you can relate to any of the following, it could be time for us to meet!

  • You want to fill your home with meaningful art that has a great impact on your family life
  • You wish to preserve your history with images that will bring back the feelings and emotions of this fleeting time of your life
  • You want family photos that feel natural, authentic and are full of character
  • You’re all about celebrating your kids’ individuality and encouraging them to stay true to who they are
  • You want your kids to see how loved they are and everything you do for them
  • You have tons of candid photos of your family but you’re barely ever in them
  • You want to see details and moments you might miss or overlook as a parent
  • You have a great sense of humour and are willing to let go and be yourself
  • You’re looking for a fun and relaxing experience where you won’t feel judged
  • You get nervous in front of the camera or hate having your picture taken

Documentary photography is a great way to

  • Celebrate a milestone or a special event
  • Show a special talent you have
  • Let other people benefit from your own experiences
  • Teach others about a challenge you are facing

what story do you want to tell?

A photo session with Marie-Pierre is magical, intimate, and as funny as can be.

I’m always amazed by her photos. They are illuminated by her sensitivity, her attention to detail, her curiosity and her passion for her art.


Repeat client

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