Girl pulling brother on zip line.
Girl with special hairdo looking at herself in multiple mirrors
Girls with bike helmets on going down a grassy hill in a wagon
A dad helps take off his toddler girl's wet dress.
Kids climbing on walls and counters
Baby painting body with marker
Mother kissing toddler girl
Mom laughing, dad kissing girl, baby looking—It's fun baking Christmas cookies with the kids
Father and son fishing
Father holding dog licking food on toddler's face
Girl swinging in the sky | Edmonton family photography stories
Mother applies some gel in her son's hair and he doesn't seem to like it
Father and daughter walking hand in hand on their acreage in Southern Alberta
A family waiting for their meal at an outdoor restaurant
Boy got splashed in the face while watering a tomato plant
Girl swinging on a hammock
Edmonton family photography stories | Mother and daughter making funny faces while having breakfast
Portrait of a girl with flower crown

Nothing is more important to you than your family. It’s your haven, a place where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves, express their feelings and act freely. A place where the pressure of the outside world is left behind and where it’s okay for your kids to be kids.

Your story is a story of love and compromises. Your children need you. You’re their safe place when they’re hurt, sad or just want to be loved. They’re the reason you stay awake at night, wondering what you could have done better or what you need to do next. You want them to be happy, strong, resilient, and to follow their own path in life. You want them to be independent, and yet you secretly wish they would need you just a little longer.



Family stories are made every day, everywhere. They start the moment you wake up and end with bedtime routine. They involve play, cuddles, clay and puddles! They happen at the grocery store, the park and the coffee shop. They are created at home or during outings, life events, vacations and camping trips. They are about anything you and your family engage in.

Celebrate your everyday. Leave your kids a tangible legacy of your life. Show them how loved they are and everything you do for them. Show them you were there every step of the way. Be a part of your family memories.

Marie was very fun to have around for the day of shooting. She fit in and allowed us to be ourselves.

Even my husband who does not normally like to be in front of the camera was at ease, and the children were relaxed and did not pose in a cheesy way.


Day in the life Client

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